"I, my wife, my children, my colleagues, have all been   the subject of lies and slander that were totally not true. In one word,  this is character assassination... My family, colleagues, and I have paid  a very heavy personal price, and it hurts. Some people's lives are being  ruined, their reputations are being damaged - as if everything is justified.   "But even beyond the personal price, I would like to say something about the national price: This is the way hatred is taught. There is a certain sector of the public that absorbs these slanders, incorporates them, and the hatred begins to spread like wildfire. And afterwards, there is  another sector, a sizable portion of the nation, that cannot accept this  hatred and reacts to it. And thus is created a cycle of hatred, a machine  that tramples and chomps the delicate fabric of our society, and brings it   down. I would like to take this opportunity to say that it is time to stop it.


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